What can we expect when we arrive?

Where is Santa's workshop located?

Important prep tips

Santa and his elves will be at his Gig Harbor workshop at:
14108 78th Ave. Ct. NW. We will send Santa's magic gate code, as well as specifics about arrival, the day before your visit.

Santa will have two elves; one to photograph and another to assist. After the children ahead of you exit, we will welcome you in and introduce the kids to Santa. We have seats in the back for parents to sit (two parents at a time). Elf Jackie will gently guide littles to the best spots for both enjoying their visit, and for photo angles. All you need to do is enjoy the show!
Santa is a professional and has a series of interactions to do with the kids. Sometimes kids are shy at first and that's okay! Just sit back and watch Santa win them over through fun activities and stories. This also allows kids to be in the magic of the moment. (If a little is scared we will bring a parent in to help them feel more comfortable).

How can we best prepare our kids?

Aside from the outfits, we suggest talking about what a wonderful time they will have. Building up the visit as the special thing (as opposed to candy if they smile) will result in authentic, natural smiles and reactions. Well fed and rested kids always do best.

What to wear, what to wear?!

outfit ideas and insiration

Anything from formal Christmas attire to sweet Christmas PJ's will work for this visit. Anything Christmassy! The look is old world Santa's workshop. Lots of warm tones and dark wood. I would first consider where you might display some of these art pieces and perhaps go from there as far as colors/patterns.

*If you'd like a family photo at the end with or without Santa, you should consider dressing for the occasion as well!

Do you have kids clothing stores you recommend?

Oh yea! And here are some links! (links will open in new window)

Hannah Anderson PJ's

Why plan to print?

Do you have suggestions for printing?

Plan to Print

What has happened to your digital files from sessions in the past? We share them online and they are liked, scrolled past, and gone. Children actually love seeing themselves on the walls of their home, especially when it's a cherished memory!

Oh, do I ever! I will showcase a few of my favorite options below. I also have AI software to show you precisely what specific images on specific formats and frames will look in YOUR home! All I need is a photo! I can help choose a frame that best suits your style and matches your home.

Should I invest to print Christmas themed photos?

What better decor to put up for the holiday season than beautiful printed artwork of your own family? Your included images will be master edited in a painterly effect! Perfect for canvas or framing. Plus you will receive a coupon for 30% off your first cart order, so fill that baby up with all the goods!