Prints vs Digitals

Which is better?

So you’re about to book a photo session and might be wondering what the best use of your images is - digital files, or printed product. I'm here to tell you that neither is necessarily better - both serve very different purposes. I personally do have a favorite though, and I'll share why below!

The digital files are excellent for storage purposes. Think of them like the negatives from a film camera; you have them to reproduce from in the future if need be! Additionally, you can share them online.

Digital files are fun, but are also so very momentary. The excitement shared by your friends rises and falls quickly. They are however great to have and look over years later! For that reason, and use as a negative, I find digitalis highly valuable. And If we were robots and did not also live in a real world digitalis would be sufficient.

When you print your portraits, they become a tangible part of your real world, life, and experiences. A photo on your Facebook wall is nice, but framed photo artwork featuring YOU is another level! You walk by that memory daily, it is shared and enjoyed slowly over time as your guests visit.

If you are going to choose one, choose professionally printed product. These are printed to last unlike chain stores. Many items are still hand made, and come with a lifetime guarantee. They are an investment of heirloom memories passed through your family as opposed to lost on a corrupt or possibly one day outdated hard drive. Future generations will turn the pages of you wedding album, see the true colors of the photograph, touch the texture on the paper, feel your engraved names on the cover. They will hold your matted portraits in their hands. And your gallery display of images on your walls will serve as both beautiful memories and art that are cohesive with the aesthetic of your home! Professionally printed product is an investment; I suggest adding new art or albums every 1-4 years.

First and foremost hire the photographer whose work and portfolio speaks to you. Then decide if you would like to simply post online, have your photographic art printed, or both! Photographers all handle their packages differently, so make sure you speak to your photographer about what their structure is.

(At Angie Mitchell Photo, we include the corresponding high res digital file of any printed product so that you have the negative for future printing! And we know you will still enjoy posting online, so you will also receive all of the social media size files for posting!)

Beautiful memories as photographic art

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