Mr & Mrs Johnson

April 4, 2015

Elbe, Wa


I have known Brian since he was about 7 years old.  He and my boys grew up together and were very close friends.  Naturally, our families were close through the years so this wedding was a little extra special to me….because Brian is like one of my own kiddos.  I have yet to get to know Michaela better, but I am blown away at her beauty and heart.  Pure gold!  Watching how excited she was just to be his bride for life brought me so much joy.  I was reminded this day of the entire reason for a wedding.  Not the fluff, food or decorations (as fun as those things are), but purely the importance of the commitment two people are making and sharing the moment with those closest to them.  These two all but jumped through the roof the moment they were pronounced man and wife.  It was all for that moment to them.

I wish you two the VERY best.  Love you both! xoxo your other mom.




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