marc & jennifer

engagement sesh
Harmon Pub & Union Station
We met Marc & Jennifer at the Harmon Pub for a BREWSKI beer flight and OHMAGOODNESS so stinkin’ gooood parmesan fries.  These two are awesome sports fans – they are the only people I have personally known who travel out of state to support our local teams.  So cool!  I love how they have that in common!  They end their toasts to the Sounders.  Too fun!  
The rain came and went, but these two true Washingtonians braved our ever changing conditions.  Marc, I know you don’t wake up every morning hoping to do a fabulous photo shoot – but you did awesome!  You’ve got a lot of personality and it shows in the images.  And Jennifer, my pretty Arwen doppleganger…my word you are a natural.  FUN day, fun couple…yet another AH MAZING couple we feel blessed to have the opportunity to shoot!
*I couldn’t decide which finish I liked better for these…the VSCO film, or my own LyonsPop.  You decide!*vsco-0134 vsco-0672 vsco-0806 vsco-0837 vsco-0883 vsco-0940 YONS0020 YONS0024 YONS0035 YONS0673 YONS0733 YONS0849 YONS0924 YONS1018

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