Josh & Shannon – Pacific Northwest Wedding

Beautiful Pacific Northwest wedding in the forest! These two took full advantage of our natural beauty here on the PNW, and rented space at a local park on the Puget Sound. The day started out raining buckets, and staff was holding off on setting up their wedding space outdoors. The moment Shannon arrive, just as if it were on cue, the rain ceased and the sun came out. I could not believe it. She stepped out of the car without a single look of concern on her face, calm and serene. She glided like Snow White to me and gave me the sweetest hug. The rest of the day was beautiful. It was perfection! Josh is the perfect man for Shannon, as he is strong enough to keep a safety barrier around that Disney like heart of Shannon's, yet so incredibly gentle and kind to both Shannon and his daughter (and now their new baby together!). I adore these people and their family!

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