Jacob & Atira

Jacob & Atira
October 4, 2013
Tibbet’s Creek Manor, Issaquah, WA
Jacob & Atira’s wedding was DIY and they did a fabulous job customizing everything to make it their own.  Jacob even helped floral pieces the day before, and personally assembled Atira’s bouquet.  Their sweet, vintage style included Atira’s outstanding shoes and gorgeous hand made jewelery found on etsy.  Her dress was from the fantastic New Beginnings Bridal Studio in Puyallup.
We started the day at Jacob’s very cool house in Buckley.  Talk about a country junkie’s dream!  Vintage truck in the weeds, old soda machines, antique pew…and a unique home with a rope swing indoors for the kid in all of us.  Tibbett’s is a beautiful venue with both a barn and manor option.
Highlight of the day:  During the vow exchange, Atira stated that when she discovered they shared a love for Pride and Prejudice, that was the icing on the cake.  Jacob followed in his vows a confession:  he had never read Pride and Prejudice and fibbed to win a chance with the prettiest girl he’d met.  Not planned and absolutely hilarious moment.  Thankfully these two are such close friends that they have far more in common than a book.



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A sampling of Atira’s Bridal Session:

– Bridal sessions are taken before the wedding date.  It is typically the same day as hair and makeup trial.  As a bride you get the opportunity to move, sit and pose in your dress and accessories and get a feel for any adjustments you may wish to make prior to your wedding day.  You are also able to view images and choose her favorite angles and poses for your big day!  But most of all a Bridal session gives us the time to get all of those gorgeous shots of the dress, details and several poses of the bride in her dress.  Follow it all up with a POST CEREMONY bride & groom session and you’ve got a Pinterest worthy, well rounded wedding portfolio album! –

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