Date:  September 1, 2013
Venue:  Frederick Estate; Fox Island, WA
Videographer:  Willowcraft media
DJ:  RJ Musical Entertainment (Ray Julich)
Flowers:  Weddings Northwest (Maria Frederick)
Catering:  LE Garmache for appetizers; Streetzeria for dinner
Cake:  Maribel’s Dream Cakes
Coordinator:  Dawnet Davis with A Piece of Cake Events
Pyrotechnics:  Fire & Pyro FX
Rentals:  Sweet Buffet Lady
Hair:  Mallory Dupille
Makeup:  Brittany Lewis



Cramnnej.  This would be “Jen n Marc” spelled backwards.  After the ceremony, Jen’s former cheerleader friends & bridal party performed a fun cheer involving letter cards.  Yep.  Accidentally backwards.  Great wedding memories are usually made up of things that don’t go perfectly as planned.  Loved it!

Everyone who gave a toast spoke of this couple’s marriage as,  “When not if”.  I didn’t need to ask.  It is obvious they are best friends, and endearingly in love.

These two are so fun and selfless: they kicked their reception off with a raffle where guests won prizes!  How fun is that?  The food was fabulously catered to their personality, as were the colors (Sounders FC green and blue), and even the toasts were ended with, “To a Sounders victory!”  Rather than filling sand in a jar, they toasted during their ceremony with their favorite beers.  Marc showed up to the bridal suite with wrapped gifts for each of the bridesmaids.

But the best surprise of all was for Jen during the ring exchange.  a few weeks before the wedding, their house had been robbed.  One of the items stolen was a gorgeous blue ring that Marc had given to Jen some time ago.  Marc hunted down another, and placed it on her right hand during the ceremony.   And that was my personal tear-up moment for this wedding.

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