Andy & Jessica – Seattle Aquarium Wedding

Do you enjoy a classic movie with swoony, vintage movie stars? Me too! You will love these images and this couple at their Seattle Aquarium wedding. Andy & Jessica are unapologetically authentic and transparent with their emotions and have built a tangible bond that is big screen worthy. These two stayed and prepared for their wedding at The Edgewater Inn, my go-to favorite hotel in the city. We then walked to Sculpture Park, and then to the Aquarium. I always love shooting a Seattle Aquarium wedding; the floor to ceiling aquarium wall is the most amazing backdrop for weddings.

Venue: Seattle Aquarium

Preparations/guest accommodations: The Edgewater Inn

Planner: New Creations Weddings

Check out Andy & Jessica's engagement session in Sculpture Park, Seattle.

Strolling to Sculpture Park
At the Edgewater Inn
Nothing like a Seattle Aquarium Wedding!

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